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About Us

Vor was created with two ideals in mind: simplicity and accuracy.  We're a group of people trying to present tough concepts clearly.  We've aligned our material to the Common Core State Standards, and we've incorporated all the Mathematical Practices throughout the examples in the app.  We've drawn from real-world experience working with high school age students to make this app as effective as possible.  We're confident that using this app will help illuminate some of the more confusing parts of math, and will provide the simple steps necessary for students to be successful with a variety of problems!


Every example offers step-by-step procedures to help you understand what you are missing! Our problems offer a thorough approach to every concept to bring you clarity!

KeyWord Search

Type in your problem and our increasing database will bring you an example just like what you are working on! Additionally, our database is searchable by the Common Core State Standards.


Original examples of multiple subjects with visual assistance through arrows, color-coded design, graphs, tables and more!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
— Leonardo Da Vinci



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Vör Algebra 1

Vör Algebra 2 / College Algebra